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Sri Dalada Maligawa

History of the Sri Dalada Maligawa

The Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa), which was preached by the Buddha for the Sabbath in the afternoon, is one of the more privileged among the sacred relics, the honor and multitude of unique supremacy According to the thirty masculine attributes, the Buddha’s Shohoes were vibrant in color. One of the last eight teeth was twenty poodles. 1998 attack […]


Arankale Monastery Complex

We are fortunate that the remains of a great history beyond our control of over two thousand five hundred years ago are the remains of the scientific knowledge of the world. It is also noteworthy that these expansions also bring in the identity of Sri Lankans. The Arankale Monastery complex can be found as a place of historical significance. It […]

Solosmasthana : Jaya Sri Maha bodhiya

Eight of the World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka

Just ask someone to ask a question: What is the similarity between the Dambulla cave temple, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the great barrier in Australia? When asked this, many people think that they are preparing to make a bad joke. Because most of us think that a cave temple in our country can not be compared with the […]


Historical Background of Kuragala Aranya Senasanaya

A cave forest cave with a Brahmi inscription with Kuragala and Patuanggala caves belonging to the Thanjantenna Grama Seva Division of the Balangoda Divisional Secretariat in the Sabaragamuwa Province. He was sacrificed to the bhikkhus by the elite elders for longer than four caves. The topographic maps number 05 in the maps of Uggal Kalthota and Tanjantenna in Kadawatha and […]


Devinuwara Sri Vishnu Devale

The Devinuwara devotees visited the Devinuwara, the southern end of the island, which has been a part of many historical events. Today worship of the Devinuwara and Devinuwara are also considered. Uppalawanna, the Upul Pannala monastery, or the Upulvan gods’ specter spread to the sacred footprint of the sacred footprint of the sacred footprint of the sacred places of worship […]

Tantirimale Temple

Historic Tantirimale sacred area

This forest area is well-known and not accessible to Thantirimale except through the great forest. Because of the fact that there are no ordinary people on this path, once again, the footpath once again will be faded again. In this manner, the elephant’s fragment, the footprints of the bears, and the presence of the LTTE, Welith, seem to play with […]

Sri Pada

Pilgrimage to Sri Pada

Unduwap ​​is one of the few reasons why Sri Lankans-especially for Buddhist important. One of the most important issues of the pilgrimage to Sri Sanghamitta Thera is the arrival of the Sri Maha Bodhi tree and the sri pada pilgrimage season. The worship of Sri Pada is on one hand not only by the Buddhist people but by other religions […]


Incredible Yapahuwa Fortress

Sri Lanka’s capitalist invaders and natural disasters have gradually moved southwest. The fourth stop at that transit was the dandelion. The Yapahuwa of the Mahawa Divisional Secretariat of Kurunegala District is about 4 km away from the NWHC in the 13th century for a short span of about a decade. It is now evidence that the Venetian reign has been […]

kiri wehera

Historical Katharagama Kiri Vehera sacred area

Based on historical, religious, social and other reasons, there are 16 Buddhist shrines in our country. These are called “Solosmasthana” Kataragama Kirivehera is one of the most popular places in Sri Lanka. At present, there are three main features of the temple complex known as Kiriwehera. These are the Kirivehera stupa, the rituals of the Bo tree and the ancient […]

Jaffna Fort

Headquarters of Tamil Culture The Jaffna Fort

Jaffna is considered as the headquarters of Hindu Tamil Culture in Sri Lanka. But archaeological evidence that the Buddhist culture spread in other areas as well as in the Far North in the early days of Sri Lanka’s history testifies to this. After the collapse of Polonnaruwa in the 13th century, the Jaffna Fort Peninsula or Nagadeepa was gradually developed […]