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Arugam bay

We all like to have a rest and relaxation from a homogeneous lifestyle. Many people do many things for this. Leisure, camping, relaxing, relaxing in a relaxed atmosphere, among others. So if you intend to travel to get your leisure, fun, and emotional healing, this is our effort today to provide a useful guide.

There are many places to visit for travel and relaxation. These are the most popular beaches in the country, both locally and internationally. Among the beaches on the coast, Pasikuda and Arugam Bay (or Arugam Bay) are the highest on the coast. This is because Pasikuda and Arugam Bay are spectacular works of nature and they have become famous both locally and abroad. Some travelers say that in any other part of the world, such a beautiful and beautiful beach.

How to get to the Arugam Bay on Passikudah?

If you are planning to go to Passikudah from Colombo, go to Polonnaruwa and go through the Manampitiya Bridge and proceed to Valaichenai on Batticaloa Road through Welikanda. The Valaichena police can turn left and pass Vaddukoddai and reach the Pasikuda coast. Or else, through Kandy – Batticaloa, you can go to Pasikuda. However, the distance between these two routes is at least 3 km. 300 out.

Arugam Bay is located at Pasikudah. 147 to the right. Therefore, most of the traveling travelers have made their way to Batticaloa through the city and go to Passikudah and Arugambay. Because this is a beautiful beach on the beach because nobody wants to get rid of it.

Pasikuda beach
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Special features of the Arugam Bay Beach

There are many features of Pasikuda and Arugam Bay bays. There is a natural marine pool on Pasikudah Beach, about a kilometer from the Great Sea. It sees tourists as a wonderful gift of nature. This is a natural sea basin that is the main reason for the public to be famous all around the world. The waves of the waves are also characterized by other characteristics. This has made it possible for tourists to descend to the sea in order to enjoy themselves.

There is also a beautiful coral shelter in the Pasikuda beach. The reef’s coral reefs the beauty of the beach. This strong coral is also located at a distance from the coast of Pasikuda. This is a cascading pool on the Pasikudah Beach, which is creating the waves of the coral.

Maalu Beach Resort, Pasikuda
Maalu Beach Resort, Pasikuda

Excellence in Arugam Bay

Through the beautiful Arugam Bay Bridge, travelers entering this area will be able to experience a wide variety of experiences at a time. Surfing the famous water sport popularly known as the Arugam Bay is a great breeding ground for popular walks. This is why many foreign competitors choose the Arugam Bay beach to practice this game called Surfing. The significance of the Arugam Bay beach is also to conduct international competitions on slippery walks.

The Arugam Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Further, the most beautiful coastal belt in the Pottuvil lagoon, just to the north of the Arugam Bay, is also a unique charming place. Natural sandwiches found in the vicinity are a wonderful creation in nature.

Pasikudah and Arugam Bay, our country is proud of its natural heritage. So should not it be our duty today to let these worldly human beings look at the same day and see these wonderful natural resources as our future generations?

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