What are the reasons for visiting Sri Lanka?

visiting Sri Lanka

In the modern world, it is obvious that the resort industry has a direct impact on the world economy. This is a common thing in visiting Sri Lanka. It is no secret that tourists from Sri Lanka has increased in recent times. Therefore, it affects the country’s economy directly and indirectly.

What are the reasons for Visiting Sri Lanka?

  • To see nature.
  • For Ayurvedic treatment.
  • Watch cultural items.
  • To visit historical places.
  • For educational purposes.
  • For business purposes.
  • For seminars.
  • Friend of relatives is a Reason to Tourist arrivals Sri Lanka have increased.
The Wave of Flags

The Sri Lanka Tourist Board has named seven major tourism regions in the country. These are as follows.

Most of these zones in Colombo and Colombo areas are due to visits by tourists, business and seminars, while other areas often come to enjoy the natural beauty of the country. Let’s see how the growing tourism industry contributes to the development of the country.

Many visitors come to Sri Lanka with the intention of enjoying the sunshine, beach environment, wildlife and entertainment. Therefore, the impact on people in the rural areas of Sri Lanka is remarkable. There are many services such as hotels, shopping malls and domestic airlines in areas where tourism is in progress. This has created a variety of jobs.

Tourist Places in Sri Lanka
Credit: Brian Ralphs flickr.com

Significantly, tourism in Sigiriya, Pinnawala and other areas have increased and infrastructure facilities have been developed. In addition, it seems that the development of infrastructure such as roads, water and electricity has increased in those areas. Hence, the relationship between rural areas and urban areas has increased.

There is also a large number of self-employed persons who have come in for the ornaments of domestic tourists. Many jobs have been created through foods, jewelry, handicrafts and batik. Also, when looking at the country’s overall economy, tourism seems to have a direct impact on the overall economy. Not only government agencies but also many private sector companies earn a lot of income from this industry. Tourism is locally important as these result in many direct and indirect employment opportunities. It is apparent from the above considerations that this industry also contributes to local development.

Despite this, the industry has become very disastrous. Some unauthorized constructions that make a cultural value in matters of raising income are destroying its worth. Also, tourist arrivals in the country, disasters and wars have dropped significantly. This is a disadvantage for the earners of this industry. And, in many parts of the world, the prices of goods in relation to other areas are higher than the average prices for normal indigenous people in that area. The industry has also created many illegal, illegal and illegal jobs such as tying knots and prostitution. This not only destroys the country’s culture and civilization, but also greatly affects the spread of social disease. There are also coral reefs, extinct threats and the erosion of domestic animals and plants for tourists.

In this way, the tourism industry is exemplary to promote Sri Lanka’s economy and the quality of life of the people, and it has many undue influence.

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