Dramatic Bakers Falls

Baker's Falls

In the Sri Lankan waters (Bakers Falls), which is the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the spectacular beauty of the country has been flooded with natural beauty. Trees, vines, flowers, tropical streams, ponds, cascading watercourses, and beautiful landscapes throughout the year, are all worthy of seeing the innocence for all of us.

The rivers flowing inland and flowing in the mountains and hills through the valleys, flowing through the lagoon and wailing for the Great Sea. Refreshing the enthusiasm of the ocean, the ambience of the environs of the comeback, the luminous waterfalls of Komali’s pictures, and the love of the foreigners.

Beautiful Horton Plains

We are fortunate to see many spectacular streams of water on this beautiful island. One of the most beautiful streams in the stream is the Bakers Falls.

Bakers Falls belonging to the Horton Plains National Park in Nuwara Eliya district is 20 meters high. It is located about 3 kilometers from Horton Plains Entrance. Baker’s Falls, a picturesque waterfall in Sri Lanka, is fed by Belihul stream. Also, this catchment area is Pattipola or Ohya.

Bakers Falls
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The Horton Plains National Park is a perfect place in the countryside and surrounded by trees. This is bordering the Nuwara Eliya, Badulla and Ratnapura districts.

Ohiya, Pattipola and Npheeril Estate are situated near the Horton Plains National Park, and 14 km from Pattipola and 13.5 km from Ohiya to Bakers Falls.

To the entrance to the Horton Plains National Park, 10.5 kilometers can be made for tourists. 3 kilometers from the entrance, you need to walk in the natural surroundings in kind.

You can see the Bakers Falls from Pattipola and walk through the forests, the little world, the world’s most famous tragedy, she can watch the huge mountain slopes, trees, visit the Bakers Falls Siri Iseera.

The Horton Plains National Park can be reached in 3 km from the entrance, and you can reach Bacers Waterfall very quickly if you are not able to pass through the difficult terrain and if you do not like it.

Samuel Baker is the only person to discover the Bakers Waterfall. He is a British hunter, and this waterfall has been seen on a day hunting. Bakers found this waterfall in 1845, adding his name to the Falls as an honor for him.

Bakers Falls, living on Belihul Ola, is not the only one in the Horton Plains. It has a large water pool and its bathing shower is very dangerous. It is also reported that there are deep caves in the interior of the water pool where the water leaks.

The travelers are aware of the frightening nature of this waterfall, but they have denied the number of lives without acknowledging it. Young women are the victims of the Bakers Tide. This is because of alcoholism and their negligence.

All of them are asked to watch only the waterfall and try to bathe. For tourists to watch the waterfall, they have a built-in camera in two stories. When viewed from its surroundings, the whole water flows through the whole stream.

The environment around the waterfall is remarkably exciting. There are mostly rat spears and ferns around it. Horton Plains often interact with wet weather. The visitor can tour the entire hotel in whole time and have the opportunity to create campsites.

However, it should be obtained from the Wildlife Department in Colombo. The magnificent Bakers Waterfall and the Horton Plains National Park are our national treasures and we must preserve it as our responsibility to preserve it.

When looking at its beauty, you should not destroy polythene and plastic materials to the environment. Just as you have found its beauty, it is also the responsibility of all travelers from all over the world to provide the opportunity for others to enjoy its beauty and to protect future generations.

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