List of Countries Ceylon People Can Visit Without VISA

Instead of enjoying a more balanced life than enjoying pleasure, Many people are attracted to the world of hobbies and travel is a feature of the world. The tune that you plan on going to plan does not work, but you also have a bit of a trip to plan your plane. Because that’s necessary for the passport and visa. Like this one, knowingly or unknowingly going to Kataragama to get a vehicle out of God, this article should cover the two countries, the countries that are visually impaired, and briefly cover them.

It’s possible that we can go out of overseas like going to our up country, low country. Often it is a matter of popularizing employment, but to learn about cultures of other countries, to meet new challenges, to gain experience, to learn, to apply their job application and to get more value, as well as a dummy dummy To gain a wider and open mind, access to a foreign country helps.

What Is Passport Visa!

It is imperative that you prove your identity before going abroad. This is because every country is interested in protecting the people of the country from terrorist acts, drugs and other illegal activities. As a convenience to this process Passport and Visa have been introduced and our country is totally responsible for your journey.

The English word passport means crossing the ferry, or otherwise acknowledging the suitability. Accordingly, a valid passport, which will be your identity card, will be included in your passport, which will be used as a convenience to use. The reason we visit Visa is that our trip to the passport is due to a job, higher education, participation in a convention, and a timetable for it. Often this too is attached to the passport.

Visa Unnecessary Countries

You do not have a reason for wanting a friend of your relatives, as the friendly contractual relations between countries has allowed you to access the visa and visa regime for investors and travel for a limited period of time without the need for a visa. Although Sri Lanka has a friendliness, there are not many people in some countries. Any country or any country is important, and having a wide open mind, such as studying cultures, can not go anywhere in the country to such an unknown country.

Besides, there is no point in visiting a tourist destination, a good market for a shopping mall, a leisurely environment and no meaning to the country. So let’s first look at countries with a little bit of vitality.

  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Bahamas


The Republic of Singapore, which is home to 63 islands, is one of the world’s top tourist and business sectors. That’s why it’s most appropriate for a visit to fancy shopping, as well as shopping.

Sinapur, a Sanskrit word for Sinhepa means the country where the person named Sinnala saw the creature like a lion. In fact there was a Malay tiger there and there is never a lion from this area. Q: But is not it better to say that the Sivapura is better than different aspects?

You can visit for a month (30 days) without visa, in this country, which is the first choice as a country that has a wonderful environment, urban excellence, ambiance and entertainment.



Indonesia, a low-cost country, is a green country, a country that enjoys both Sri Lanka and its natural beauty. This country is one of the largest places in the South Asia, the largest national park in Sri Lanka, and the historic temples like Borombo Bourn.

There is a feeling as it is in Sri Lanka due to paddy fields, diving experience, green and Buddhist culture. This also does not require visa for 30 days.



The Bahamas, which has always been a pleasant and welcoming meteorite, is a home for the winter vacation in Sri Lanka and most of the world’s best. The Republic of Bahamas, which is an area of shallow beaches, water sports, a locally owned park and a local market, is a country that has long been subjected to African rule. We can travel here for three months.


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