Historic Tourist Destinations in Sri Lanka

Destinations in Sri Lanka

We all have read that Sri Lanka was a hub in the Indian Ocean, a place unparalleled for both foreign and domestic tourists. We have all readily understood that there are many beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka. Trying to review the article.

Western Province – Pahiyan Gala

It is one of the largest natural stone deposits identified in Sri Lanka. The name of the Pahiyan Gala is attributed to the Chinese expatriate Fa-Haen Thero in the fifth century AD. Pahiyangala Prehistoric Human Fossils an In about 38,000 years old reveal that æta.ipæraṇi produced by prehistoric human fossils, except the use of the stone tools and plant parts found

Southern Province – Wevurukannala Ancient Temple

This Temple is situated around 1 mile from the Dikwella town in the Matara-Beliatta fundamental street. The Temple constructing, the Poya Gaya, the Stupa and the incineration stupa are archeological landmarks of this Temple.

Sabaragamuwa Province – Maduwanwela Walauwa

The Walawwa is located at the 14th mile post at Rakwana Road, Embilipitiya. It is ruled by the Maduwanwela Disawa. The building has 121 rooms and 21 courtyards. However, today there are only 42 rooms and 7 courtyards. , Thimari houses and a Bodhi tree.

North Western Province – Munneswaram Kovil

The legend says that the Munneswaram Devale situated in the Chilaw divisional secretariat in Chilaw has been re-set up as two thousand years back. Lord Parakramabahu I reconstructed this notable sanctuary complex and directed ceremonies. The sanctuary is situated in the principle devalaya, Maha Vishnu Devalaya moreover, Iiyanayaka Devalaya, Kataragama Devalaya, Maha Bhadrakali Devale, Shah All the structures in this building are repaired intermittently because of incessant ceremonies of the Meineshwaram sanctuary. Subsequently, numerous old parts of the building have been decimated and the old stone houses have been annihilated. The way to the doorposts, to the stone columns are still left unaltered. The old sanctuary places of the Vishnu Devalitha Well safeguarded and shading are for the most part antiquated stone statues of the sanctuary of the section of the statue proposes a consistent tibē.saṁkīrṇayaṭa been done brought from India.

Eastern Province – Magul Maha Viharaya

It was built by the King Datusena in Pothuwil, about 10 km from Pothuvil. The temple was named Ruhunu Maha Viharaya. There are two valued inscription letters

Central Province – Haggala Botanical Garden

Located in 1861, the first tea plant was planted in 1867. In the decade, this plant has been grown in cinnamon and the plants have been distributed throughout the country. Besides this park alongside the Haggala reservation, it is not open for tourists.

North Central Province – Isurumuni Viharaya

The temple is situated on the eastern edge of the Anuradhapura Thissa tank. The vihara has a remarkable appearance due to the massive rock masses. The engraving of Isurumuni Pilles Couple, the man and the horseshoe and the royal family are carvings.

Northern Province – Delft Island

It is also a magnificent island of Jaffna, which has a roadway for vehicular traffic. The Dutch and Dutch fortifications are found in this hole.

Uva Province – Dematamal Temple

Buttala is turning right from Kumbukana Junction to Moneragala Road and reach 7km to get here. The Dagoba is ruined and several pillars of buildings can be seen.

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