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Incredible Yapahuwa Fortress

Sri Lanka’s capitalist invaders and natural disasters have gradually moved southwest. The fourth stop at that transit was the dandelion. The Yapahuwa of the Mahawa Divisional Secretariat of Kurunegala District is about 4 km away from the NWHC in the 13th century for a short span of about a decade. It is now evidence that the Venetian reign has been […]

Kingdom of Kandy

Kingdom of Kandy (World Heritage City)

According to historical documents, Kandy was first built by King Wickramabahu (1357-1374). He built this place in the Watapuluwa area north of the present town. It is called ‘Senkadagalapura’. There is no specific reason to be named for Senkadagapura, and historians say this may have been named after the name “Senkandand”, which used to live in a cave near the […]