Beautiful Horton Plains

Horton Plains

Horton Plains is a natural ecosystem with a natural biodiversity that reflects the beauty of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty that cools the cooling spirit. This was converted by the scientists in the 18th century in the Horton Plains to a reserve forest. There are large numbers of indigenous flora and fauna in the country, and the highest plateau in Sri Lanka, the Pattipola plateau and the natural beauty of the country.

In the study of animal species, there are 4 specialty lizards: This unique lizard has a hole in the lizard, named after the horn of the lizard. Horton Plains is home to 62 species of birds, 14 of which are endemic to Sri Lanka. The dawchini, alanchandara, and turtleness are the regular birds Tauat is the endemic part of this environment. It is endemic to the environment. Nda hædinvēna The gōṇā and mahavadurā if there are species of monkeys endemic. The cuckoos are 4 1/2 feet tall and the head is relatively long. The neck is full of neat roses, with a slightly long tail and short lumber. The features of the Mahawood are covered with a purple-gray face with a white beard.

horton plains
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Considering the endemic species, there are about 32 species of plants, of which 16 are endemic to Sri Lanka. The Mahabodhi Flower Tree, which adorns the red clusters of red clusters among the small-sized terrains, is a special feature of the orchid species. The Bovitia flowers are later migratory plants, and the Eulacus plant is a plant that helps Honey beetles invaded by Horton plains. The oldest mild plant is about ten times better than a ten-year-old, and continues to produce the closed seed generation.
Once again, the beauty of life, and the wrath of Venonians who once again make life, are regarded as a wonderful creation of nature. When it comes to this environment, it feels comfortable for the time being. It is divided into two parts as a gentle world splendor. The slope is 600 m and the sloping slope is 1800 m-2300 m. Bentota and Mahawalen Thennaya Strait are some 350 m downstream of Southern Horton Plains. The slope’s location is impressive. Sri Lanka’s 2nd and 3rd Tall Mountains, the Kirigalpaththota and the fortress of the Galpoththa Mandaea, can be seen. It is surrounded by many valuable values ​​such as value-based values, botanical values ​​and geological values, and is rich in chemical rock fragments are available.

The specialty of Horton Plains is that the same philosophy is from time to time. Foreigners come to visit Horton Plains in April in May. Some of these waterfalls are alive, and gradually Baccourt water falls as a result of the decline from the upper horizon of the hilly period, while the Bakers Falls cover the raindrops as if a stream of silver. Rocking Bakers Falls creeps over the whole area. Chimini Falls, which is closer to this stream, draws its beauty. The water streams feed the Mahaweli, Walawe and Kelani Rivers.
Those who take care of the locally and locally both locally and internationally are very rarely seen. It is our duty not to destroy the local things, but to preserve these. Further improvement. There are many things to consider when visiting those observers. Let’s protect it for future generations without taking any of the things that we bring to the environment.

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