History of the Sri Dalada Maligawa

Sri Dalada Maligawa

The Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa), which was preached by the Buddha for the Sabbath in the afternoon, is one of the more privileged among the sacred relics, the honor and multitude of unique supremacy
According to the thirty masculine attributes, the Buddha’s Shohoes were vibrant in color. One of the last eight teeth was twenty poodles.

1998 attack on the Sri Dalada Maligawa

After cremation of the sacred tooth relic on the sacred tooth relic, the other relics of the sacred tooth relic were left untouched by the relics of the sacred tooth relic. White pearl Needle-shaped wheat Rice antiseptic Rice paddy Rare Green peanuts Approximately At the instant, the kings of the city of Kusinara, the city of Raja Malla, filled the embryos of gold embryos and pour them into pieces, and protected the relics of the sacred relics around the fire of the burning Chandana.

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The Buddha preached in the Parinibbana Sanga by the Sumangala style and the Buddha’s description states that the Lord Buddha was full of dhamma at the sacred relics. The king of a seven-seventh kingdom called the sacred Bodu Bala Sena and claimed that he had the right to hold the sacred relics. ” The bases that can be seen are the Brahman teacher with all After distributing a sacred toothbrush to a section of the Sacred Kapila Bodhi devotees, the relics were placed in the royal palace and the chaitya was placed in the royal palace. The karaabodupa, which was distributed by the dagoba, which was distributed by the dagoba, was donated by the Mauryan kings The ten Chaithya was first created by the Angara Chaithya, the deposited caste

One of the four remains of the sacred Tooth Relic was taken by the Gautama Buddha and was taken by the king Nayaka Thera and he was worshiped by the Nayaka Thera in Gandhara. He was placed in the triple gentry by King Brahmadatta and offered as Sacred Tooth Relic In the days of King Gadahewa of St Anthony, King Noddutut, king of Egypt, he heard paintings of the monks and invaded the Sri Dalada Maligawa in order to paint the Kalinga. Instead, it was not the same, but according to the instructions of the Sangha, the Tooth Relic was attacked in a puddle, To once again lay the soil in a big tree and tread the elephants to the end of the stump Uṇu inch cast also ordered harsh

At the time of the exhortation of the ministers, he had appealed to those who pardoned greatly for worshiping the great Sacred Tooth Relic on their heads and begged for their forgiveness. At that time, the white shadows of the Tooth Relic, The Sri Dalada Maligas, the most venerated king, was the most venerated king Chronicled revealed at vigils that were built more than sit
After the end of the war, Golheeya, a close friend of the king, defected Kalijangu to get the toddler

The most sacred relics of the Sacred relics are the remains of the Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy, the sacred tooth relic of the Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy, not only the Sri Lankan Buddhists, but the whole world Buddhists are the living Buddha, the most trusted tooth relic of the Sacred Tooth Relic and the sacrificial Buddha And a feeling among Buddhists Because of this, it was also considered as the most sacred gift of the rulers, not only the rulers, but also the great talent that can be given to the Dalada Maligawa as the symbol of the State and the rain.

The Supreme Buddha reminded that the Buddha gave birth to the sacrificial relics and the bowl with the sacred relics of the great sacred relics after the cremation of the Sangharaja and the cremation of the Mahanayaka were also praised by the great things of the Buddha. Buddha Prasabudla And Sakvithi: Chakkharmathyaph, four great individuals It is mentioned in the same dagaba that treasure the sacred relics and instruct them in the commemoration.

The sacred relics, the sacred relics, the sacred relics, the sacred relics, the sacred relics, the sacred relics, the sacred relics, the sacred relics, and the Mahiyangana chathivaya were built in the chronicles. It is very clear that today, too, is the so-called living Buddha Buddhists regard it as a sacred service to have sacrificed their sacred tooth relic.

Day by day, every Sunday at Vulagana, the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Sri Dalada Maligawa is being held traditionally in Sri Dalada Maligawa as Sacred Buddha Sasjawa as Sacred Buddha Sasjawara as Sacred Buddha Pooja Day and the annual Sathara Mangala Pooja.

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