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Sri Pada

Unduwap ​​is one of the few reasons why Sri Lankans-especially for Buddhist important. One of the most important issues of the pilgrimage to Sri Sanghamitta Thera is the arrival of the Sri Maha Bodhi tree and the sri pada pilgrimage season.

The worship of Sri Pada is on one hand not only by the Buddhist people but by other religions as well. Siripa is also a pilgrim from some people. Also, many foreigners are now turning to Sripada. As such, Sri Pada pilgrimage can be considered as a cultural event of our country.

History of the Sri Pada

It is a historic matter to place the Buddha’s footprint on the Butterfly Mountain. This is what the Buddha’s left footprint is believed to be. The reason for this is that in the history of Buddhism it is stated that the Lord Buddha created the throne of the throne.

The Buddha has visited Sri Lanka in the eighth year of his Enlightenment. That was in response to an invitation from the King Magiak, Nah, who was then king of Kelaniya. According to a request made by the god Sumana Saman who arrived at the scene, the Buddha has gone to Butterfly Mountain. It is mentioned in the Buddhist sources that Tattagamh at the left foot of the mountain has been established. The Saman God’s site is called Samanala Kanda. Saman God, when he had visited the Buddha before, he was acquainted with a god who is heard by a Sawan.

According to the Buddhist history, there are four places where the Buddha’s Sri handicap is recorded. This fact is confirmed by this fragile fact.

One staircase is located in the Narmada River, the second is in the Shchedebar rock and the third is in the Samanthakaru rock and the other in the Mononcha.

In addition, there was a Buddha’s stamp on the Abayagiri lobby in Anuradhapura. It can be seen in the 5th century FaLean report. However, the information does not later appear to show that such a Sri Pada was used by devotees in Sri Lanka.

Sri Pada
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Holy Pilgrimage (Sri pada Wandanawa)

The observance of the Buddha’s role in the Buddha’s character shows that the pilgrim worship is a post from the time of the Buddha. Accordingly, during the Lord Buddha’s death, Mahanashapha touches the Buddha’s feet and worships the feet. The Parinirwana Sutra states that the play was burned. In addition to this, there are also scenarios of the lay people to honor his feet by the lay people in Buddhist literature.

Usually, when he comes to the Buddha’s path, he does not lay his footprints. The Pali commentator explains that only if he is determined to do so (Zakatthila). These are two examples of well-known examples that we all know.

Once, the Buddha comes to the isolation of the highway between the Upcountry Divisions and the Roads. In the Buddhist literature it is stated that the bases on the same road to the Brahmin are shown in the footprint of the Buddha’s footprint, a complete footprint from the entire floor. Likewise, on another occasion, the Buddha said deliberately that his father had seen the Buddha seeing the Marghya from the Brahmins. He has seen such special features as his skillful person in his art, seeing a circular wheelchair, and that the person with such a step was to be a lover of enthusiasm.

It is not known in detail in the history of the Hela king who worshiped Sri Pada first in Sri Lanka. However, in the ancient times, he was worshiped as a King of Sri Lanka. BC. There is information about king Valagamba who ruled from 29th-17th century. In addition, the Kings of Vijayabahu, Maha Parakramabahu the Great, the Arahat Mahinda, the Sri Sanghagabodi and the Samanala climbed kings and devotees to worship temples. However, Sri Nissankamalla is the most popular history in Sripura. In the reign of King, there is a story that shows that Sri Pada was discovered. It is stated that from now on, the ‘Sippa’ pilgrimage has been initiated with state patronage.

The pilgrimage begins (called ‘Siripa Karunawa)

The pilgrimage starts with Unduwap ​​Poya. In the month of December, it is the month of December. Accordingly, the Santhirawa statue and the Devalaya will be brought to the entrance to the temple on the summit of the mountain at the auspicious time at Pelmadulla, Sri Pada Raja Maha Viharaya, Galpoththawela. That is the beginning of Siripa’s pilgrimage.

The first people to come to scream were known as Kirikodu. And we can not forget about the many customs associated with the worship of Sri Pada. The weight of the weight, however the weight of the goods, is called “light” in the opposite sense. Because “go, come,” instead of “kindly,” instead of the kind of harsh mind, kindness is complemented by compassion, compassion, and compassion.

The Cold River located in Sripathi is also an important place. This is where the devotees are putting in a shade of whipped cream and white. Unlimited, cool, gangrene, physically indulgent, can be referred to as Amish Water.

Another place is the needle. It is in the legend that the Lord Buddha was present in this place and believed that his robe had been grabbed. Even when heavy rains were raining that day, the great Stupa of the glory of the Buddha did not fall into the place where He was standing. When this thread is recalled, the need for yarns is to be called kirikodu.

Sri pada
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Catch SunRise

At night, the Sri Pada Mountain is a remarkable experience. The way of illuminating the lightbulbs appears to the pilgrims as a road leading to the stars. Before the dawn of the sun, the ascension of the Sri Pada pilgrimage to the highest peak of the mountain. It is known as the ‘Sun Service’ folk song. Surprise the sun at the summit, never forgetting the marvelous experience of life.

From the summit of Samanala, the Kotapola mountain range in the central highlands is breathtakingly visible at once, hidden at once and spreading in a variety of ways, creating the sun at once.

The sun rises to the top of the hills, and the plain passes through a triangular shadow of the ground. As the sun rises, the shadow moves fast. The teeth say that such a sunscreen can not be seen elsewhere in the world.

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